Culture Cabin offers budget-friendly creative arts classes with passionate instructors in a warm, woodsy setting. Classes are offered in 4-week sessions on subjects like art, architecture, music, cuisine, d├ęcor, woodworking, fashion designing and more...
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Multi-Week Classes
Lego Mini Scale Architecture
Starts: 03/04/2015
Denim Repurposing
Starts: 03/06/2015
Knitted Neckerchiefs
Starts: 03/07/2015
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Do-It-Yourself Saturdays
String Art Shamrocks
Starts: 03/14/2015
Corrugated Paper Bunnies
Starts: 03/21/2015
Chick Silhouette String Art
Starts: 03/28/2015
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Summer Camps
String Art Sensations Camp
Starts: 07/06/2015
Stuffed Creations Camp
Starts: 07/13/2015
Divine Denim Repurposing Camp
Starts: 07/20/2015
Lego Historic Landmark Camp
Starts: 07/27/2015
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