Culture Cabin offers budget-friendly creative arts classes with passionate instructors in a warm, woodsy setting. Classes are offered in 4-week sessions on subjects like art, architecture, music, cuisine, d├ęcor, woodworking, fashion designing and more...
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Upcoming Classes
Duct Tape Halloween Accessories
Starts: 09/15/2014
Lego Haunted Mansions
Starts: 09/17/2014
Denim Fashion Upcycling 101
Starts: 09/19/2014
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One Day Classes
Under the Sea Pillows
Starts: 07/26/2014
Recycled Aquarium Designing
Starts: 08/02/2014
Farmer's Market Craft Day
Starts: 08/09/2014
Sea Coral Terrariums
Starts: 08/16/2014
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Evening Seminars
Six Weeks of Create-Camp
Starts: 06/23/2014
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